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What means "Incompatible Version" ?

Guest haggen

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When I start the MTA:VC and click at connect it says:


Disconnected: Incompatible version. (Delay = 10 sec)"

In the ReadMe says:

"- You have not selected the proper version of the game or your version is not supported. To select a version,

open the MTA Client and use the drop down box on the top right area of the screen. Select the game version

according to what you have installed."

But that drop down box is locked... Why must I do !?

Someone plz help me !!!

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i have same problem i write a topic but cant find it had this problem like him in one week geting me pisti have downloaded all new patches and new vesions but dont work tested servers in one week dont work i hope it work tomorro most sleep now but ill read what you sad bye

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this ******* problem is geting me pist of havent done eny thing only when i wanted to start a server it didnt work and it start to say that and i have uninstall maybe 50 times over again and install same thing that he sad what should i do going on in a week befor i hadint eny mta problems at all eny edvice most go to sleep working to fix it today to but didnt work now 8am god night

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