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Problem with winsock programming

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hello all

this question is not for MTA it's just about programming with winsock

but the problem now is i programmed yesterday my new chat application

but today it's saying that my Winsock ActiveX control isn't licensed

but that isn't right i have it licensed it always worked but today

it dont work anymore i use VB.net for the control

but i mostly program under Delphi,Kylix 3 , Visual C++, C# and VB.net

what i use now

but does someone knows how i can fix this problem.


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that dont work i tryed it already before it's just not working i think i throw it away

because i cant get it too work anymore

and i like winsock sometimes because you can use with very nice thing like my chat application or my messenger

but sometimes i dont like it

because i screw sometimes my projects up because of winsock

but i like it for my chat application.

but now i can't use it anymore :(

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hey maybe i can fix it with an other winsock dll

so can someone that makes programs in VB.NET give me his (MS winsock

control version 6)

that is the name of the winsock control

thnx for helping me. :lol:

maybe IJsvogel uses the same control that i can try his control

and registering it.

because my winsock control dont work anymore :lol::shock:

sry for my english

because i'm dutch (The Netherlands)

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