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Drunk Drivers vid

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Phill........ :cry: , LOL :roll:

Very Nice job hunter . This is proprably the best VC message i have ever seen . And as there are many people out there immitating what tommy vecceti do , Like those kids that played too mcuh VC, then they got a colt45 and went on a highway and started to shot cars . Now those are the kind of people that should follow this "saying"...

Nice work . Hey if you have MSN messeger . Add me to your buddy list . i have some nice tools for you to use on your stunt vids :D

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to be perfectly honest i didnt like it... mainly due to the fact that it was just TO plain ya know...

I didnt like it either, all u did was drive the car around. You could've at least killed some peds or smashed some more cars.

lmao yer that would of been better

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