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help please!

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ok, i installed vice city, i installed the newset version of mta and ASE.

when i look at all the servers there all o.2.2 servers. and when i join them they say incompatable versions. iv only been able to play once and it was on the vice city stunt map. i realy want to play so how do i get on or do version 0.2.2? iv tryed everything i know to do but i can get it? can someone just tell me what i need to do step by step to play mtavc?

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To be more detailed , IN ASE , there is the Multi Theft Auto link on the right . On the left of this link there is a plus sign . Press it and it should drop down a little menu thing that sais 0.22 ,0.2,0.1 and "OTHER"

Select the "other" link . This is because they did not update the filters. and i dont know if they will :roll: ... But lets just use this one for now.

Then press [F5] (refresh shortcut key) and a list of servers should appear.

P.S : next time you go into ASE , this option should be already selected so dont mess it up trying to put it again .

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