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I've had enough :(

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Yes, this is another thread about cheaters. I know we've already had plenty of them, but I'd like both the cheaters and the MTA team (who I respect tremendously for their hard work) to understand the effect cheating is having on the game.

When I first started playing MTA, there were very few cheaters on the servers. You could join a server and be sure of a nice entertaining game without anyone attempting to ruin the experience (except for the evil crash gremlins of course). Despite the early state of the game, I loved nothing more than spending a couple of hours every evening blasting around the city in a nice fast car and getting into hilarious gun battles with random groups of people.

As the word spread, and more people found out about MTA, things began to steadily change. Clever little hackers found ways to disrupt the game and give themselves an unfair advantage over the other players. It started simply with invincibility trainers and small modifications to the handling of the cars and weapons. Gradually it grew to include entire map mods specifically tailored to causing as much disruption in an MTA server as possible. The game started to crash more and more frequently as the hackers messed with the game memory to the point that the servers just couldn't keep up.

It has now got to the point that you can't enter a server without at least one or two cheaters being present. There's always someone with a flying firetruck or clipping turned off. There's always someone with a health trainer or who's able to run twice the speed of all the other players. There's always someone who is able to float around the game world at will, shooting players from high in the air, or driving their cars over the water. And things continue to get worse.

I personally don't want to see the MTA team implement any more cheat prevention measures. The simple fact is that no matter what they do, some cocky little hacker's going to come along and find a way around it. They'll boast on all the servers about how easy the game is to hack, and throw abuse at the developers for not stopping them from doing so. They'll post their cheats on the web for any new players to download in order to get that competitive edge over the more 'experienced' players. In short, they'll f*ck the game up to the point where it's no longer fun to play. That time has already come for me.

I seem to spend all my time in MTA trying to avoid cheaters or desperately try to attract the attention of an admin to get the cheater kicked. As soon as one cheater is kicked, another appears. My game crashes every time someone decides they need a nice health top-up or wants to fly a Hunter through a skyscraper. The abuse starts to fly in the chat channel, and things just get more stressful than fun.

It's a shame that a select few have to spoil this for the rest of us. The developers have done an incredible job on MTA, and I'm constantly amazed at the things they have been able to do in such a relatively short space of time. I honestly don't see why a group of devoted developers, who don't get paid a single penny for their hard work, should spend any proportion of development time on trying to prevent someone from ruining their game. It just doesn't make any kind of sense, and had I been a developer for MTA I would have given up the chase long ago.

Eventually the servers will empty of players, and then the number of servers will decrease. In the end there will be a small handful of servers, supporting games which are full of people using hacks and exploits to try and get the higher ground on the rest. MTA as we know it will die through no fault of the development team.

Cheaters are cowards, pure and simple. They may claim to be 'helping development' by hacking the game, but they're only making continued development more unlikely. The only thing these cheaters gain for themselves is a sour-tinged feeling of triumph over other players who had no chance to begin with. The rest of us just hate them to the point of wishing physical harm on them.

So I'm leaving the MTA 'scene'. I won't be playing the game anymore because it's simply not the fun experience it used to be. I'm sure I'm not the first, and I'm sure I won't be the last. Enjoy the last shreds of fun you have available to you here guys, before the hackers and cheaters kill MTA off for good. Maybe I'll see you around when the developers finally get the recognition they deserve and MTA goes commercial in the form of Grand Theft Auto Online.

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You guys should really reconsider your hostile attitude to anyone who voices an opinion on these forums. You may not like it when someone 'whines' about the state of play, but you only make yourselves look small and petty when you respond with insults and immaturity. Grow up.

hmm, i dont remeber ever playing against you. i'm sure the community can handle the loss.

Well I'm in the UK and you're a Canadian. We run in different circles and play on different servers. I'm a frequent player on both the official servers and the gtagaming.com server, and have been for a considerable length of time. I may not always play with the same name, but I'm there all the same.

I won't pretend that my giving up playing is any great loss to the community, as I was simply stating things how I see them and pointing out that the current conditions will cause the community to lose a considerable number of participants. One person leaving doesn't spell the death of a community, but the continued prevalence of poor conditions will.

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mta isnt the only game that hackers attack, ive had similar hacking instances in other games ive played online, you just learn to live with it after awhile. you can always run your own server and be the admin, you can keep YOUR game as cheater free as you wish that way.

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I know how you are feeling... I felt the same way in the begining. Always hating cheaters, but i got tired of the slow cars so i asked someone to give me a "speedhack"! i learned to get a speedhack to work and the game was very fun to play(mta:vc0.2.2) and after that i saw many people flying and i wanted to fly to so i asked someone to tell me the "flying secret" and they gave me a link to download Cudda World who was extremly fun!(getting to new placec that you never been on :P )

Then it was not possible to turn of the cheats(It's like drugs) :(

After a while i figured out that i was ruin the game for non-cheaters and stopped playing mta for a while! And now i'm happy! With mta 0.3 my speed hack and Cudda! doesn't work :D so now i'm cheater free

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diablo 1 was a terrible coded game but it was made over 6 years ago. I don't think they planned at the time for asm hackers to hit the scene. It got bad when dhack was relaesed. when the hacks were made someone sent the to there friends witch made a chain. then more and more learn how to game hack. not to mention in diablo you can send any crap packet and crash the game.

gtavc was coded for single player so of couse it was made like that.

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