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Why cant i report a bug???

Guest Crispy(CJS)

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I click on but problems for MTAVC and it seas only moderats can post fourms how the fuck u want to make a mod for a game and not let ppl post errors about it!!!!!!

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I click on the button to add a new topic in problems and bugs section for MTA:VC and it says only moderators can make new topics in that section How would people like me that found a bug be able to report it if i cant make a new topic?

Now THAT would be the way to post the question in English.

And to answer your question,That section of the forums is set that way so we woudnt have 100000 topics about the same error , its not you that has to moderate and delete and close these boards , its US !!!

And if you had any fucking common sence you would have figured that you could have just posted in the other topics already made about that error wheter its Unhandled exceptions or whatever ,most bugs and errors have been discussed about already so do a motherfucking search and watch your fucking language next time.What we do is done for FREE so stop fucking whining and enjoy it ,remember its a BETA!

Have a nice day :)

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you guys are all such friggin drama queens =p all he asked was a simple question yeesh

heres an answer to your question

- if you have found a bug that you cannot find ANYWHERE else even after searching, then post a new topic about it in the general section. the reason they dont allow everyone to post a new topic in the probs section is so that they dont get a ton of topics about exactly the same prob

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