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Get Rid of Shotguns

blah sr

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Now, I know that everyone is gonna disagree with me about this but this is how i feel. Shotguns really need to be taken from the game. Once you are hit by one your a dead man. All they gotta do is run close while ur trying to get back up and keep firing cuz u cant get up and even attempt to run or fight back. Ive tried running and shooting with an uzi but since theres lag the bastard never dies. So either A make uzis and other long range guns more powerful or B get rid of shotguns.

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Why dont you run away, then shoot back at him. However SMGs or anything other then a M60 seem to be extremely useless in killing, freaking m60 is god, it brings down everyone. SMG does crap cause my screen says I hit him, but it does no damage. Shotguns are good, but only up close. I would like to choose my weapons/character model rather then just choose classes, but thats just me.

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if you notice they have a shotty, keep away, about 2 car lengths is the absolute max of the shotguns, i run, turn around and launch a molotov down their throats hehe as they run to get out of the fire you can use almost any guns, it's all about tactics, you have much to learn young padawan ;x

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Why dont you run away, then shoot back at him. However SMGs or anything other then a M60 seem to be extremely useless in killing, freaking m60 is god, it brings down everyone.

il tell u what, take me down when i have a stubby and you have a m60 and il declare u god

stubbies have an instant advantage on m60s, anyone who cant see that needs to get thier eyes checked :)

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Usually I have noticed the people that use the run up and shoot tactics with the stub are mainly clan people. This is a more effective tactic for clan type matches because it is an effective method to kill. However, it is not effective when going against a group of people, because this method can only kill one by one. Every time some unlucky robber tried using this tactic on either me or one of my friends, I have always gunned them down while they were hopeslessly circling my friend. My friends have done the same for me as well. Usually the only time a robber has succeeded in using this tactic is when my friends and I were separated.

blah: If you want to counter shotguns in an evil way, pack a few grenades with you. When the robber gets close, tap the fire key so the grenade just drops into the ground. Most of the time, the robber does not notice it until you start running away. The first grenade should knock the robber down, and a second should finish the robber.

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you guys are relying on peoples stupidity. a smart robber isnt just gonna go after one person, hes gonna shoot one guy, go after the others, and by the time the first guy stands back up he pauses for a second to shoot the shit outa him and just moves on. you guys say that shotguns are useless, ur obviously not playing against the right people. i have some free time tommorow and if any of u wants to try and prove how much better a m60 is then a shotgun gimme a ring :)

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Ok lets see , as long as we are tlaking about taking out weapons let me give you my list, ok take away the m60 , when those stupid mexicans come with it they shoot me from a mile away and kill me , i never even see them,damn imigrants, take away the molotovs, those are n00bie weapon ,you are shooting at someone fight going all nice and everything when some n00b comes and throws a molotov in the middle of you both killing both of you, damn n00b.take away the magnum(mex pistol) 2 shots of it and your dead,i mean common 2 shots!!! ok next take away the chainsaw, all someone has to do is make a round around you and your dead, ok, take away the silinced inigram(racer gun) all they gotta do is run around you and shoot and your dead same for the uzi.Take away the hamer too, its patetic if someone killed me with it, please take away and spare us the humilation of someone killing us with it same goes for the golfclub,bat and the police stick.take away the shotgun like this guy said one shoot you fall down and your dead, same goes for stubby and also the spaz once the enemy knows where to shoot your dead,take out the ruger and the m4, i mean those 2 have to be the most powerfull weapons in the game (in mta) they can shoot far they take away lots of health, they shoot the fast for someone to dodge their bullets ,take away the cars people just come with them and run you over and your dead, also take away the choppers they just gotta know where you are and they slice you without you even seeing them :cry: .Take away the bikes too,people have thrown bikes at me and the bike hit me and killed me even been run over with bikes , and while you guys are at it take away all the water in vc too, you can easlily drown if you fall in it.Oh ye take away all the other players playing to ,it really hurts me when someone comes and kills me:-( .

Lets see what is left...............

God damn you peopel , can yoiu not learn to freaking play games ????!@!## or are you just stupid enough to not want to??!! always must their be someone saying take this out or take that out,just because you get killed by it doesnt mean it has to be taken out , damn !! you have to die!@!!! its a freaking game, the whole point of this game is to kill or get killed it doesnt matter by what weapon(i said weapon not guns,vehicles can be weapons too) ALL i said ALL weapons have their weakneses , shotguns weaknes is their firerange, its short, so go with a m60 or a m4 and kill them, a m60, just comne with your car run them over once get out of the car get your shotgun out and boom, hes dead , god damn peopel learn to play games and stop complaining if you cant stand other people killing you with a shotgun or m60 or whatever go play single player , the enyms cant shoot back good there or they just run, or dont even play the game, go back and play pong , its much safer.

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Thanks xenex..

Lets also remove the cars, because if someone drives into you with one, you can die.. while we are at it, lets remove all the remaining weapons.. Hey, what about melee weapons? I know! lets just remove all the people! But then I have a useless mod.. Hmmm.. lets remove MTA too...

Get a clue.. Weapons are there to shoot, and kill people..

OMFG.. IT'S AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.. - If it's so fucking unfair.. why don't you use the same weapons?

Quit bitching, kiddies..


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i dont understand why some ppl want to take off something :?

think about that:

when in MTA were no cars, choppers and bikes. how much time would it take to move from one place to another place runnin. for example: you want to go from downtown to airport, it would take very muck time and you would get bored runnin.

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the point of playing a game is to enjoy and get better at it, meaning, if you know your weakness is possibly someone with a shotgun WORK ON IT DAMN IT!! peat sakes its not that hard! I mean this goes for other games too

like in TFC with teh HWG he has a sort of minigun, spam cannon some say (naturally im really good at that class :) ) and people BITCH AND WHINE about it all the time, I knew i had problems with it, so I PRACTICED!! I WORKED ON MY WEEKNESS! now I take on those biatchs 2 or 3 at a time and still win!

just like with the shotgun, if you know your not good against someone with a shotgun, learn what you can do to be better at it, like the weekness's of the shotgun or such i mean its not that hard.

I'm closing this because this thread is absolutly useless. CLOSED

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