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ASE doesn't bind to gameip

Guest john

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When I start MTA:VC in redhat 8, with a GameIPAddress set in the config file, the game starts fine on the correct IP, but ASE binds to Hence when people try and connect from ASE, it thinks the server is on the default IP address of the server (not what is set as GameIPAddress), and hence they fail to connect.

netstat -naup shows:

udp        0      0  *                           9670/MTAServer0.3

udp 0 0 8x.2x.9x.9x:2003* 9670/MTAServer0.3

I tried searching here but couldn't find a mention of it here. Any fix to this, otherwise it kinda negates the point of GameIPAddress..



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try reinstalling mta and ase...

Its a linux server thing, nothing to do with the client. The ASE component of the server binds to the default server IP address, and NOT the IP address set by GameIPAddress (like the game). I can't see how changing anything client side will help ;-)

As far as I can see, it needs fixing on the server side, as its a nice bug. Where do you send bug reports anyway (apparantly there is a form on the main website, but cant find it for the life of me)


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