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Computer problem, not really related to MTA but....

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This is easy.

Take your WinXP cd, and put it in, and restart and make sure you boot up to the CD and not your hard drive (You might have to press F12 at bootup to use the cd, it depends on your computer's bios)

It will start up with a blue screen and take its time loading drivers. Then you will want to go on like you want to install windows.

When it asks you to choose a partition to install windows on, press D or whatever it is to delete the partition, it will want you to press L to confirm. You want to delete at least the first one.

Later, choose a space to create a new partition and make it the whole drive, all of the space you can.

Choose Format NTFS (not the quick one)

It will reformat your drive, getting rid of everything and cleaning it out.

Then go through the steps to install windows! Easy as that, and you don't even have to use DOS ;)

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hrmm, if you've never done this before and never used setup anything, i'd recommened making sure you right down everything you think may be important

many times i've reformatted peoples computers for them, and then they say, good boy stead, now get it on the internet, and i say, Ok, whats the phonenumber nas password or network settings, and they say, But Stead, your the computer genious how should i know?

so to get on the internet, if you don't have dial up, make sure you have either a cd from your isp, or download the dialer or whatever your isp uses and put it on cd/floppy and if you really want to be safe download your modem drivers too, that way you'll have whatever you need to get on the internet and downloaed whatever else you'll need, hope i don't sound to patronising, its just i've forgotten numerous times to write down network settings/get drivers first!

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Thanks coolnat2004, although I did not use what you told me, I got everything done that way. I called Comcast and Dell. I really Hate Dell because you need to wait hours just to talk to a hindu you can't understand (I was on the phone with dell for a total of 6 hours today!) and comcast can't help fix it, they can only make it worse. Anyway I'm back online. Ill be playing online very very soon :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

P.S MY 100th POST :)

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