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Multiplayer and ViceCity

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Is there any word on how different the pc version of the upcoming ViceCity will be from the the pc version of GTA3? It sounds like once again Rockstar is missing the boat when it comes to multiplayer action. I'm just curious if they are going to make it easyer or harder for these kinds of mods with ViceCity. Because thats where all of the mods will shift unless modding ViceCity is made much more difficult for some reason.

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When you say changes to Vice City are you referring to actual gameplay and such or are you referring to it's similarity in code to GTA3. On my standpoint Vc just looks like another repeat of GTA3. Like Gta it wasn't supposed to come out on pc, but it did and seemed to just be a hurried project ripped from the ps2 version considering all its little bugs i.e. bad fps. Anyway my point is that it (Vice City) is probably coded the same way which means .... modable for multiplayer using the same modding process as GTA3MTA? I don't know MTA what do you think?

Other than that Vc looks a lot like Gta3 from what i have seen on Ps2

with a few new things like motorcycles and actor changes.

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