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my stunt car

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it replace the love fist but like i say before its the same model i just change the texture n the handling file

its 90000 of weight so u can bump any car u want

it goes fast but if u control it

its more a stunt car than a racing car

n my next project is a caddy but i dont no what to do

a racing caddy or monster caddy

what's the best i-d ?

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yeah u can do that if you want to have ''unhandled exeption'' every time u see the car

nbut u can make a really big monster truck whitout error

but how did u will enter in the car ? ... :(

n the car will bounce everywhere n finish by a big explosion

i think ill do a racing caddy

u no the big jump a the airport,

if i want, i can tune a car n jump over the city whit that jump

the only problem is the slowmotion when u jump

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