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modding cars

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im sure there was a good reason for not allowing modding of gta3.img (gta3.dir to be exact )

what is it?

the only reason i ask is i like modifying my car skins and because of this i am now forced to use a mtaclient hack

(i do not use any forms of cheating such as weapon/health hacks so dont bother bringing that up)

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I remember hearing that even the, what you would call "harmless" mods to your game will have an effect in MTA. That would be why I assume. Plus as hard as it is to keep cheaters out it would be harded still to allow some modding and not all modding.


Using a cracked client is breaking the EULA and cheating even if you don't use a minigun. I understand that you want a different look but if it impacts on gameplay you should just stick to what is supposed to be in there.

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Severe collision problems occur when clients are using different gta3.img in the same game. Don't use altered models online. Install a different version of VC for local play, if you can't live without modded vehicles.

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Well, it could probably work, if you didnt replace handling/default/carcols. Kind of like in most other games that allow custom models, however those games mostly have a Hitbox which is standard and cannot be altered without altering the whole game which would not allow you to even play on normal servers. Its just a thought.

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