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Question about cheater-block

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and if YOUR among those 1 percent?

Well I guess I'm screwed then but I don't think that will happen :) I'm willing to risk it.

You guys are talking about saving a few people, but then having us live in hell.

In other words, imagine if a cave entrance was about to collapse leaving you stuck in there forever. Now, do you go back and rescue the few that are left behind? Well then you are gonna be stuck in that cave forever. Thats not a winning situation.

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lol ransom, ur so naive =p

basically what ur saying is that to get rid of a cheater, you dont mind banning a ip range. and if someone else is on that range, to bad so fucking sad. doesnt sound like a good philosophy to me

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lol xanni, im not vcp... ewwwwww

He disagreed with you and agreed. I speak forum idiot I took it in college, he is saying that he agrees with ransom but he put your name in because of his lack of attention to detail. :lol:

Xanni, my friend, quote people so they know who you are talking to


I would hate to be banned because a cheater has as similar ip as mine. this all sounds nice when you talk about the hypothetical banned player but when it's you it doesn't sound so cool. Agressive admins are the key to keeping cheating in check and for the most part it's working.


:lol: Just realized, no wonder they agree they were both FI at one time or another.

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exactly kfg. should my ip be added to this "master ban list" because a cheater used one on its range, i would be fuck*ng pissed as would anybody else. and if they incorparate this list so that it bans people off of irc/forums/servers there is no chance that they would be able to get it removed at all if it wasnt them. and they seem to be already incorperating some form of master ban list... as iv heard from [KFC]-Pi, he was banned from the official 24, and now hes banned off of irc/other servers to. perhaps coincidence... but hes a honest player, and despite the way he talks in game (to much like me :lol: ) i dont think he should have been banned from everywhere.

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Meh, Pi kept calling everyone pussys, it was a annoying, no loss there.

He must have had a reason to. If they running away refusing to fight, then they are pussies. Go to the stunt server if you don't want to fight, I hate that. Plus other people can get you into some crap. This guy boon was teleporting around (lag, not cheating) so I just left he called me a pussy. He stopped lagging I met him 1 on 1 killed him all three times and he still called me a pussy. Some people need to be yelled at.


There is a curse bot for that. He shouldn't be banned. You would be wise to play Pi a few times instead of listening to "smells like teen spirit" in your deluxo. If you can hang with him you'll be a killer.

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i dont know about the calling people pussies part.... but i think everyone gets a little ticked off when people run from you with full health and you know they have ammo... but i dont think he deserved a ban.. but hell not my choice so whatever

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