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What is after GTA:VC 0.3 ...?


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I wonder what we could add that helps mta in the next version...

-Lower Laggy Stuff So It Is Not As Slow

-More Cars...

-More Bikes...

-Add a Sea Sparrow in Downtown

-Let Pay`n`Spray Work

-Get People in #mta more often

-Make Those Flying Car People Stop

-Make !countdown work better and more often

-Only One Word In Nick

-Make A Cal-League thing type going On

-Get That "Unhandled Exception" Gone...

-Add More Spawn Locations for DeathMatch

-Make the Time work

~ HotRing From Like 20:00 to 0:00 (starts at 0:00) so other people can do it except the DirtRing(eww).


Well those are some i thought of and it might be tooo much (lol) so if anyone got any other ideas paste here or just forget about me...


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more More MORE! jeez, there's enough bikes and cars already, there's around 80, they're just too spread out, which is why i would like to cast my vote too chop the city in half, and put all the vehicles on one side or the other.

for the unhandled exceptions, and the "lower laggy stuff", the team is always working on these.

longer names a must.

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