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mta wont install correctly


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Ok, i have drives C: and D:, drive D contains my modded versions of GTA, i dont run mta through there. drive C has my clean install of GTA, which i just made an hour ago, for .3. when i install mta .3, i set everything up for the C drive installation, and then when i try to play, the damn looks at my d drive, like this...


of course the crc failed, thats my modded game. mta will NOT look at the right installation!! Ive tried resetting the path and restarting mta, and it just keep looking at my d drive, as though the C isnt there. Ive even uninstalled all versions of mta on my pc and re-installed .3, several times, with no success.

is there a file i can edit manually to ensure it look at the right install of my game?

Edit: problem solved!! thanks to that chap several posts below me, who says it wouldnt find his dll file, i tried b0b0's solution of editing the mta.ini in the windows directory, works perfect.

but it is curious that it was listed to drive D AT ALL, when i never chose that drive...

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