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Multi Theft Auto....I praise you people.

Guest greenhornet

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I swear after this new release of MTA:VC its great now omg.....I PRAISE YOU PPL. I swear all I have to say is FUKK ROCKSTARGAMES for not giving us multiplayer and PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY Mutli Theft Auto.

Even though it did take a little long to release this version....WOW I'm DAMN surprised it was worth waiting. PLEASE MTA do me one favour.....and don't close your site....please continue working on this multiplayer its so awesome...........MAN ROCKSTAR should be ASHAMED of themselves!

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  • MTA Team

Hehe, thanks alot.

Anyways, you also need to see it like this: if Rockstar DID include the multiplayer we wouldn't had this wonderful mod ;) and Rockstar made the great GTA series after all so actually there should be a thanks to Rockstar as well :P

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mta is just awesome.....i mean they made multiplayer for us ...thats awesome.....man the farthest I ever got in computers was learning to use the start menu in windows....and these people made a whole program for us.....now THIS takes great skill and deserves great praise lol:D

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