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Does anyone know anything about The_GTA? Can't anyone contact him?

Yes, I spoke to him a couple months ago. He said the EIR is still very close to his heart but was lacking documentation which made it very difficult for him to work on it. He's planning a documentation framework which should simplify his work, after that he'll continue his project.

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The project is still ongoing, i think a new source update will come very soon within the next 2 weeks (But no Eir release), the last update was 2 weeks ago. He is currently working on LUA Multi Threading support and some other "big things" (I dont know what exactly) but i track the repo almost everyday.

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It still doesn't mean he gave up on it...

He can't be on 1 project everyday, it would drive him crazy.

Either way, it's going to be done and it looks like he is dealing with other things that he thought has to be done.

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PS2 Export Tool has been created while he researched the renderWare engine of GTA SA to improve his own knowledge about it. He also found a way to improve GTA SA's mipmaps. Both projects are finished.


GTA SA PS2 texture mod:

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