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Spawn command script help.

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Hello, i know i am very stupid and new at scripting, but i have a problem. I have a script, when player types /spawn command he will spawn at specifed co-ordinates, for some reason when i type the command, nothing happens.I am very new in LUA scripting and my scripts are probbably a mess, so please dont flame on me.

Here is my script: (i know i completely messed up), i hope to get friendly support from people, just as i got on my first thread.

    function spawn(cmd) 
        if cmd == "spawn" then 
        spawnplayer(source, 1959.55, -1714.46, 10) 
addEventHandler(getRootElement ( )) 

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Thank you, i have another question, i have a script and when i type in /anim into chat the animation plays, how do i make the animation stop?
function (msg,ped) 
if ( msg == "anim" ) then 

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