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im sry mccoy

do u think i cheated on my stunt vid  

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  1. 1. do u think i cheated on my stunt vid

    • if u think i cheated vote for this one
    • if u think i didnt cheat vote for this one ( to be realelistic i didnt vote on this poll

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im sry mccoy i dunno what u are talking about\

SM_McCoy: YOU ARE THE FREAKING CHEATER ASS and you put shame on us with your vid

im sry myccoy all i wanted to do was make sm proud and im not a cheater sm choas wolf can prove it to u :(

im really sry

i dunno what i did to u said that u cant stay on youre bike for that long when u do thoese spins and just to tell u those stunts were acedentall see how i bounced off the tail and it gave me more rotaion. :roll:

and if u thin i cheated then what kind of trainer would i use now i ahve to tell u russsian scooby is a cheater and his whole team is.

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ok im gonna chime in here...

iv played with yamm before, and from what iv seen of him i seriously doubt he would ever cheat. hes done some things personal wise that iv seen few people in the online community as a whole have the balls to do. yes its more then possible to land like he did, i had it happen to me a couple of times, one of which is going to be in my soon to be released stunt vid. i dont know why he would be called a cheater, as everyone has been disconected for "suspected trainer usage" before if theyve played long enough. its something that happens randomly from what iv seen... as in im sure theres something that causes it to happen as its only happened like 2 times to me, but i know it DOES HAPPEN.

basically it ammounts to this -

would i back yamm up in saying that he didnt cheat? ur damn right i would

do i have any doubt? no

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sm yamm hugs deathb and im still freinds with mccoy but he needs to forgive me :) i hope u do buddy ive always wanted to be in sm an forget what i have said in my 1st vid about leaveing sm i know im onlyn 12 but so what. and i mite only be 5"2 but ive got a damn goos sense of humor but i didnt know that it would come to this im sry mccoy if u think im a cheater.

and i was just playing with deathb like 30 min ago. :roll:

and how could i cheat if mta has encrypted the exe.

:roll: and plus y would i cheat if im freinds with ijs and termnl.

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{SM CHAOSWOLF}: <------ Sets up the Soap Box..........and gets on it.

Ok, my thoughts on the "Disconnected: Suspected Trainer Usage" its a bug. I know for a FACT the "Replay Handler" and FRAPS v1.9 has caused this to happen to me. I dont know how or why, just that before I upgraded to FRAPS v2, I remember being "Disconnected: Suspected Trainer Usage" multiple times in a row and when I turned the FRAPS v1.9 off it stopped. The "Replay Handler" was very rare but it did happen a few times. Besides, with all the cheats running amuck lately I would think if he wanted to get a working trainer then he could have gotten an anti-crc, too

As, for the "spinning, landing, not falling off" stuff. Well, let it be known there is a trick to landing from spins. I havn't mastered it yet but Im getting there. Just some people are faster at getting it down.

NUF Said............................PARTY!!!!!!!!

{SM CHAOSWOLF}: <-------tries to get off Soap Box but realizes he is already on the floor because he broke the box.

{SM CHAOSWOLF}: <-------thinks to himself.....Man, I gotta quit taking my PCJ on top of the box with me.

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You shoudnt make a whole thread for this, and even worse you shoudnt ake a poll, none of them really have any real use, use msn irc or pm or whatever,and by doing this you only make people that dont know you think of you as a cheater.


:arrow: LOCKED

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