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How the HELL....

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Someone PLEASE tell me how they get up there:


It feels like it's a secret society up there, like the Stonecutters of Vice City. There was about 7 of them up there....there are stairs, but they only lead half way up the building, and a helicopter won't go that high.

The Hotel is North-East of the malibu (50 yards from it).

The stairs are on the south side of the building, but as I said they don't go up all that far, until you can't go any further.

Oh, and the guy that is near my stomach (through it really), is where you can get to by taking the stairs, it just goes to a window that looks across the street. You might be able to see the guys up the top, if not, save the picture and zoom in and you should be able to see them.

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I made it up there one time.A cheater gave me a ride up there.Its strange,like u see the players names while they stand there doing nothing,and theres That little Airport Car.I dont know why they have it there.Its really fun tho,but theres no way i can go back up.

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and theres That little Airport Car.
If you ever get up there again, hop in it and get off the roof

Driving that car de-synchs you with the server, you can make it look like you're A) using health hack, since the server will only record your last position and B) warping around the map for each time you get out of the car

Funny but pretty worthless

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