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disabling animations

Guest DeathB

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ok i know you guys worked hard to get them in and all, but i personally dont paticularily like the walking animation to much... if you guys were to release a fix for the no radar problem (should it require another release etc etc) can you put in an option to disable that walking animation? im sorry but i cant be the only one who doesnt like it...

otherwise great release :)

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the problem iv been noticing is that sometimes when people a. warp or b. get in a car that isnt on your screen they just keep on going forward, they dont stop. so its hard to tell where they actually stopped

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alright itd still be nice to have this option, as some players have chosen to abuse the desync the animations cause to make themselves appear to be running way faster then normal during fights. it doesnt seem like it would be to hard to just put in a option to turn these off :?

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