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MTA will not completely uninstall?


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I am having the "no people in my game" problem. I tried to uninstall Vice CIty and MTA and deleted the directories, including the directory in the my docs folder. I restarted and reinstalled everything. When I launched MTA, it still had my username and the server info that I last used in the boxes, so something is hiding somewhere. This could be part of the problem. Anybody know how to clear this out?


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Delete mta.ini from your windows folder, this is somethign that keeps a little record of some details, but i higly doubt thats whats cuasing your problem, and the post right above this is to help the team find out the cause and a solution for the problem , might want to colaborate there.

Also here: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5863&start=0 ,people are talkign about this problem so might want to continue there.


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