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I have an Idea, how MTA can be saved of Trainers.

One Idea i had while playing Serious Sam:

In that Game, the Server Controls everything; your position, your Health, your Weapon.

This is impossible to MTA, but there are other ideas I got from it:

The Health state is send, right?

So how would it be when the server simply kicks all guys whose health goes down and up two or three times within a second?

Also the weapons are send by MTA.

It would be interesting to know what happens if the Server controls the weapons, so if you got a minigun, you simply are kicked.

That should kill most cheats.

But one thing is still interesting to know:

I found a GTA:VC.EXE wich crashes everytime you use a Trainer.

This part is edited because someone doesn't like no-cd's either.

(U're right, and now?)

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Just using a search or check the hundred or so threads on cheating but basically the client just handles syncing what your doing. Certain first person view weapons like the sniper rifle don't sync so even thou a cheater can use them he can't hurt anyone. The minigun is clearly synced but the access to the weapon was left out, most likely because of it's power. However it works because other 3rdperson weapons work.

The weapons are kept out by the CRC check in the client. I think you get that though. One of the smart people should be around to further explain it and I guess we will both learn.

My only real beef was that link and the warez, bad juju in here. Thanks for removing them.

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well, he has a point, i'm not sure exactly what coding is sent to tell other players that a player switches weapons, but i'm sure there has to be a set code per each weapon. So if the server side app recieves "minigun", it kicks the user who's client it was sent from. It makes sense to me, at least :\

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@ dystopia and @ all:

When u use a trainer, the health is not hold on 100 % all the time.

It goes down every time u're shot, but the trainer gives you back 100 livepoints.

So, everytime you shoot someone and his healthbar goes down for a short time and then up again, you can be sure he cheats.

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I'm currently writing an anti-cheat system that should be much more effective than the mta one... See the website http://mtaac.opencoding.net for details... and i'll post info.

Its main advantage is it's flexibility. If a new cheat is released, an update can be released, very quickly, and it will be automatically loaded by the clients. Also, the global banning, based on hardware id is very useful... people banned on one server are banned on all servers running anti-cheat.


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Not playing MTA because of cheaters? I think you should learn a lesson from all the other multiplayer cheats out there! Cheating is eternal.. and can never be 100% eliminated.

As MTA evolves, so will the cheats that are available. The best suggestion would be for Rockstar to take over the multiplayer aspect of GTA. Hope they do a better job than Valve with respect to Half-Life (Counter-Strike).

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Why would you want Rockstar to take over the Muliplayer end of GTA? From reading over the forums here and listening to the guys who are working on all the MTA stuff I don't think anyone else is suited better for the job. And besides, if Rockstar did take it over it probley would end up like Valve, after all when you keep producing new titles you can only spend so much time with the older ones.....


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Don't get me wrong, I think the MTA team is doing a great job. My main point was just that cheating will never stop completely. There really is no point in trying to pretend like it will someday be history.

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I agree with you there. Unfortunately as long as someone has way to much time on their hands and some minor know how if they spend long enough they'll find away to accomplish a cheat no matter what. I think one good thing about the changes coming in the new core though will be the average cheating buttpipes out there won't be able to quite so easy which will cut back on their presence on the servers out there. And who knows if the Anti-cheat system is dynamic enough that ratio of cheaters could get even smaller.....


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