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MTA:VC 0.3 (95%)


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sometimes on a server that isnt so good i crash most of the times when i died and then try to choose an other char but if i choose then it loads and while its loading it crashes (while its loading the spwan point)

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I played the first version of GTA:MTA now that crashed alot. I left until I found a more stable version which I liked. This MTA:VC 0.2.2 was what I waiting for. Crashes are near to noe and I can live with them. I just hope the synching is sorted out, cause plying someone full of lead and not killing them is not fun.

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I know nothing

I wanted to point out the obvious

We are playing GTA VC in muliplayer. It crashes every now and again, but I can drive in a deluxo with my friend and then put a shotty to his back and knock one through his frame. simply awesome.

I am sure the next version that is soon to come out will be a nice improvement :wink: , just like .2.2 is an improvement over 2.0 and on the horizon is a reinvention of this process with all the lessons learned from the current version.

I have paid lots of money for programs that have not brought me a tenth of the happiness this one has and the responsiveness and care with which the MTA team helps the people (who have paid nothing) with problems is inspiring.



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