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Happy New Year! (31/12/2003 @ 11:00 CET) by MTA Team


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  • MTA Team

Well, it may seem a bit early for most of you, but we can assure you, this post is right on time. The new year has entered the globe in the far far east. To be more precise, on the islands of Kiribati and Kiritimati.

If you wanna enjoy 2003 a little longer then i suggest you take the first plane to Hawaii (still 24h to go) or to Midway Isl, Samoa, A. Samoa (25 hours to go :shock: ).

The team wishes everyone a Happy New Year and may 2004 bring us luck and happiness and of course new versions of MTA :mrgreen:.

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As if they'd be here coding like lamers to get it out for us geeks and not be out drinking/parting with friends/girlfriends or wife’s or what ever they have. (Or even boyfriends? Naa, female coder, sif. (jking))

/me looks through Blokker's and MrBumps window only to see them working on code...

Erm yeah... err ha... AHEM...

Happy New Year all and it's amazing to see that so many people from different countries are interested in this project! Great work on mta still. :)

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