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Banning by MAC Address


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its possible but I wouldn't say practical...

A mac address refers to a hardware string that identifies your network card... the number is stored on a chip and every network card has a unique string..

here's the problem with that...

There are several ways of spoofing your MAC address.. one of them is a simple util. that will change it for WinXP computers...

another option is for those behind a router.. most routers (mine included) have MAC spoofing option (my linksys calls it MAC address cloning.) I believe the option is for those houses who must register their MAC with their isp.. can get a router (and get more people online, without having to buy more ip addresses)..

Anyways, thats too much info, but basic rundown is its too easy to fake a MAC address or even get a new network card :-P


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Yeah, my router has that option too, someone would just clone the MAC address of a different computer on the network and go on with their day.

IP address is bad too, because of those (like me..) with dynamic IP's, and banning a subnet would be foolish since theres others in that same subnet.

meh, perhaps have the client take a number based on the hardware of the user's computer and ban those clients? But make it so that the number doesn't change if they reinstall? I don't know just shoutin out an idea.

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If you could do the mac address it would work for the people who must register the mac address with thier ISP. It would definately only hose some people but depending how hard it is it could be worth the time. For people without routers how many NICards do they have to buy before they stop cheating?

I made a suggestion before that has been completely ignored. DNA

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