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Phat Looser

"Giving away" a freeroam server

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Up to now I've been hosting a freeroam server with about 80-100 players on.

I don't really like it, so if anyone does not mind hosting a freeroam server with a 10 mBit load I'll give him the whole server setup (excluding the databases, of course).

That means you must host it yourself, and I will forward all players to you.

Why did I stop hosting such a "successfull" freeroam server?

First off, I host servers for other people. One of them, in this case Edd, had that Freeroam server, but stopped working for it so he simply gave it to me.

Since there was a lot of players on that server which don't really belong to my community, I tried to integrate Freeroam a bit but totally failed at it.

Also, I'm acutally an enemy of freeroam. Its a dumb gamemode I don't like, and I don't really care about the player count. I want to host (pretty much) unique servers, or self-scripted servers. Non-standard servers so to say.

Only drawback is that you have to start all resources manually.

But if you can't do that don't host a server.

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P.S: I am that Edd. Or commonly known as Edd_Brown on RP servers. :P

I would like to thank Phat Looser for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work. :)

In case anyone wants to have a successful server, I provide free consultation (marketing, features etc.) for any kind of server.

As a proof of my work, I was able to generate an average of 40 players within a month, and 80 players the next month. That too on a Freeroam, which is most commonly available on MTA. The servers have been maxed out i.e. it has reached full capacity countless times.

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