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Cheating (30/12/2003 @ 10:02 CET) by MTA Team


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  • MTA Team

Since a couple of days some cheaters have declared a war against MTA. It seems they don't like it that we take there sites offline. The biggest problem is comming from Mr. Kine . He has started advertising this mod in our official servers telling everyone that our servers support this mod.

Let it be clear that MTA does not support any mods of any kind and people caught using these mods will be banned from our servers

Furthermore i would like to add that the next core generation will work with a master ban list. Cheaters and mod users will end up on this banlist. This means that they will be unable to join any server. Not just official ones, but all servers.

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i like that fact that you seem to be cracking down on cheaters, but i think this line needs more clarification...

Let it be clear that MTA does not support any mods of any kind and people caught using these mods will be banned from our servers

I have a different wheelset and some different palyer skins in my game, they're mods, but they dont affect the online part at all. "These" mods, makes it sounds like there's a spcific mod you have in mind, is there?

hate to sound like a nitpicker, but there's no need to get banned on a technicality either.

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  • MTA Team

different wheelsize has an impact on the speed and therefore does change gameplay and that is prohibited. When we say any mod, we mean any mod. It is in the fucking EULA which you agreed to follow when you installed the game. If you don't read it, don't complain.

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i dont mean wheel size as defined in the default.ide, i mean the wheels.dff and wheels.txd, the model and texture files, which have no impact on online play. i have the xbox wheelmod which gives me the xbox rims instead of the ones that come with the pc, its purely visual. part of the point im trying to make, is that your blocking too much out. if the mods i have are client side only and the data for them isnt sent (player skins, any texture info, particle.txd, etc, you get the idea), why are they not allowed?

for the EULA thing, which ive read all of, word-for-fucking-word...

IMPORTANT: MTA will NOT function alongside any other GTA:VC modifications. This includes custom made cars and locations.

thats just wrong, and misleading. clearly it does work, with MANY mods.

just add this, or something similar to your EULA, "This mod is only tested on a fresh install of Vice City, and is not guaranteed to work correctly, if at all, if any other modifications are installed. If you have other mods installed, it is recommed that you revert to a clean install before using MTA."

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well, this is good news. sounds good, that 'master ban' list, keep up the good work, you guys changed the world of GTA, in a lovely way! :twisted:


i dont know HOW this ban stuff is going to work, maybe voting or something...but what if someone is just very good and kills everybody? and some noobs think he/she is cheating because he is so good? then he'll be banned for nothing. That doesn't seems very fair to me.

and what if only the admin can decide to ban someone, so no voting. what if he is a lame ass and bans you when you kill him/her....i had that before (i won't mention their @$*(#*$# names :roll::wink: )

so uhm, how is this banning stuff going to work?

rock on :)


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  • MTA Team

ashdex, most mods do not work with the standard unaltered MTA and even less wil work with 0.3 so there is no reason to change the EULA. The EULA does not change any technical specs about MTA but it describes ur rights and ur duties. It states what you may and may not do with our software. Disobbey it and you may not use our software anymore

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hate to sound like a nitpicker, but there's no need to get banned on a technicality either.

Well, I enjoy being a nitpicker and your an admitted cheater so I hope you make it to this ban list. Just use the other rims what's the big deal?

Oh, here are some of your other gems from the "report your cheaters" topic

sure you can, in fact i did that today (killed a cheater and took his minigun). Because i dont support the specific act of hacking into gta / mta's memory and altering it myself, via trainer or any other method, does not mean i dont approve of the use of these specific weapons. the moment the cheater "drops" his weapon, it is immediatley available for anyone to pick up, and instantly fair game across the board. it was cheating for the cheater to obtain it initially, but upon his death, all his weapons are fair game as anyone can get them. If you think this si cheating, kill me and get the gun yourself.

Wrong dummy

lol, as if i REALLY give a shit what you f*cktards think. i play by my own rules, if ppl dont like them or dont agree, they can piss off. if i get booted from a server for using a weapon as mentioned above, too bad, ill move along. Oddly enough, you know how many times ive been kicked or banned, for any reason? none. obviously SOME ppl agree with me...


i posted my first words about the minigun Nov 28. its been 2.5 weeks, and i have yet to have a moderator, admin, someone who's important, even the mta devs, tell me what im doing is wrong. mr bill has a post just a few before this one, i assume he read the topic somewhat, if im cheating so bad why didnt he say anything?

kfg, you think pausing the game so you can take a piss break is cheating, i value your opinion as much as a dead hobo.

lets all hold your hand

next issue

well done mta u are finally gonna do some thing about cheaters! :D

They have always done somthing about cheaters. If they totally focused on cheaters then we would be playing MTA v 0.1 still. A minor clarification but worth mentioning.

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Just to clear things up, most of what Blokker posted in the news post is for the next core release (Core 0.4), and NOT 0.3.

However, 0.3 also includes more cheat prevention and trainer detection, but nothing that can't be broken given time. We have tried our best with 0.3 to prevent cheating, but we also realize that with the old Core technology (0.3), we cannot eliminate cheating altogether (we just don't have the ability to block everything that we need to).

So, let's hope we block the cheaters for a good amount of time with the release of 0.3, so those who actually enjoy playing MTA for the fun of it can enjoy it ... as you are the ones that we are making this for.

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this master ban list, will it only be blocking cheaters?

i don't like the idea of people being blocked simply because they are not liked.

/looks at deathb

maybe in addition to the master list, is it possible to have an "allow" and still "ban" functions for the server admins to allow/block certain people?

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One MAJOR Things that you guys HAVE to do is . Dont ban people by only their IP . Ban then by their entire IP range . IF you read my signature , it says "i got the powere to change my IP" This is just to tell you guys that it only takes like 2 minutes to change an IP to anything i like . So . I bet there is many people outthere who knows how to do it too . And if you leave it like this . People will spam or cheat , get banned , change their ip and then spam and cheat more .

P.S : Even though i know how to change the IP . I dont cheat or ban , well once i was banneed from the official server for nothing . Just because my game froze and i pressed the sleep botton on the keyboard . Then the next time i connected it said "Banned...." I knew this was an error , and all of my friends were playing there , so i had to change it .

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Well i dont know if this is the right name i was looking for but . It is not the range . It is like here just an example . My ip is , the ip i can change it anytime . But there is this adress that the ISP gives to every single user that you cant ever change well if you change ISP :? , it is like "ze8cxvr8tt@att%432....

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Why don't u guys make some servers where u can cheat and a cheatclient when u download the client u can only join cheatservers and u can cheat as much as u want in there....

then i can play in peace and the cheaters too lol only then it isn't cheating anymore :P

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Cheaters declare war on MTA? LOL!

Just because they can't have their way? Seriously I hope you guys do get that master banlist going. I had almost everyone in my server against me one time because I banned someone from using a "simple cheat" (minigun) and called me lame for banning that person? Give me a fucking break! I just banned them all :twisted:!

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