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Sorry that this is my first post, and i start with a comment.


I was today online, doing the vice city multiplayer. there was a 'not so nice person' who kept on cheating. i said a bad word about him and i was kicked. i forgot it and said the word later again. i don't think 'asshole' is offending.

Can this be deleted from the mod?

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If it isn't offensive then why did you say it to the "not so nice person"? Because it is offensive. They will not remove the words you don't find offensive from the boot bot. If you must curse just spell it wrong.

What was the guy doing that was cheating? You know if he is really cheating and not one of those "Why won't you die" cheats that are more than likely lag or sync, you can have him booted by the admin. Just read the intro to the server to find out how.

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