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Super Powers [98% completed script]


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This gamemode was to be my masterpiece, and yet I am releasing it incomplete in the hopes someone talented might take over and complete it. I will only be available in a limited capacity for support.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/f53adc357d/

-Players can choose up to 4 powers at a time, and a theme.

-spawn on a travelling flying helicarrier

-fight muggers, gangs, and suicide bombers

-do missions to fight crime

-random events occur, such as a ninja attack, dinosaurs, or A GIANT ROBOT ATTACKS THE CITY



"Kung Fu" Double tap the jump button to deliver a powerful kick while facing an enemy to send them flying.

"Wall Climbing" Double tap the jump button while facing a wall to stick to it and climb around.

"Wall Jumping" Double tap the jump button while facing a wall to launch yourself up and away from it.

"Super Sprinting" Hold down the sprint and a direction button and run at super speeds for a limited time.

"Knockout Punch" Punching an enemy results in them being stunned and unable to retaliate for a short time.


"Flight" Press jump while in the air to toggle flight mode.

"Sky Surfing" Press the transport button to summon a flying vehicle to surf on.

"Teleportation" Hold the transport button to control how far you want to teleport.

"Grapple Hook" Press the transport button to get a grapple hook that will pull you to wherever you aim it.

"Super Jump" Hold the jump key to launch yourself high and far forward.

"Grav Bike" Press transport button to summon a bike, then Press it again to toggle the bike's gravity control.


"Beam Attack" Double tap the aim key to shoot a powerful beam based on your chosen theme.

"Razor Claws" Double tap the aim key to lunge through the air, or just punch your enemies using your sharp blades.

"Boomarang" Double tap and hold the aim key to throw a projectile, ricocheting off walls.

"Dash Attack" Double tap the aim key Deliver a powerful leap, scattering your enemies.

"Energy Ball" Double tap and hold the aim key to charge up and release an explosive energy blast.

"Double Swords" Double tap the aim key to do a spinning blade attack and slice nearby enemies.

"Throw things" Double tap the aim key while facing various thngs to pick them up, then double tap aim again to throw it.


"Healing factor" When resting and not moving you regain health slowly.

"Armor Regen" When resting and not moving you gain armor.

"Invisibility" Turn invisible for a short time after being attacked.

"Shield" Keep blocking to place an inpenetrable barrier between you and any threat.

"Bullet Dodge" Dodge bullets for a limited time.

"Durability" Immunity from falling or drowning damage.

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I finished the code sometime ago, found obvious bugs as I went through it, it pretty much works, I am probably gonna host it soon, I like the whole code itself, it's fun to play and all, but yeah... It still has one bug I need to fix. Overall I've added features and fixed most of them. Great script 5/5.

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So the things that happen are bots that attack you?

Can I do this with friends like coop?

And do I just start it with /start superheroes. (Since there are alot of other zips inside, does that automaticly starts those?)

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The link to the download is dead. Can someone please re-upload the script? Slothman is nowhere to be found, it looks like he has left the MTA scene forever.

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