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LPB and HPB servers


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Is it possible to have a script monitor the pings of people playing and joining the server. So people with 150+ ping would be removed or warned 3 times then kicked and vice-versa for a HPB server?

Whenever I hear, so and so is cheating. I look at the two peoples pings and 90% of the time the person complaining is around 100ms and the so called cheater is in the 300's with jumps up to 400-900.

If this was possible and there were one or two servers out there, people would enjoy the game more and stop complaining as often about cheaters. This game right now is in someways backwards, it pays to have high ping. Maybe I'm abit of a pessimist but I am sure its easy enough to lag yourself or perhaps play with your MTU and RWIN size. *IMO*

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That is mean. No such script should be created.

The problem with people is that they expect too much from MTA. They expect it to be perfect. That is their own problem, and you shouldn't try to satisfy such people by coming up with this script.

Supposing you did create the script and run it. These same people will simply find something else to whine about.

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Maybe i do expect to much from this game. Ping and packetloss does effect gameplay. I can kill someone with ping close to mine alot easier and with alot less ammo then someone with 300-500ping. I've seen pings also in the negatives but its been on crappy servers in my experience.

This idea would work both ways, with HPB server capibilities. Its not like every server would be LPB, there would probably only be one server.

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