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Im asking you guys!

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uhh... lemme think dude................

heres fun idea, how bout u make a real life stunting video, tryin to look like VC. that would be seriously funny...... Like Chappelle did (if u havent already seen it - its the funniest thing ever!)

Or maybe just completely screw up ur handling .cfg and make sum really random funny stuff..

Ahh dunno, but theres a few ideas!

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A Funny thing that i did once was :

Mess up the handling file and make the wheels of the bikes like on top if it . So when you touch the bike it starts to slide as if it was in an icering . Then i change the main.scm to park a bunch of bikes in that printing studio . (i used the mod to see places indoor , Forgot the name lol) Then when i went in there and touched one bike they all started to bounce of the wall , celling and they all blow up . But still they did not disapear . they continued to bouncing of stuff . Untill it hit the player so much that i died . I wonder how it turned out :lol: .

P.S : GOt this idea in school when i was studing Chain Reactions :D .One bike hit another and bounced of another and another and so on ...

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