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Just started today

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:D Im liking what I am seeing so far. I am trying to get used to a pc controls, can't fly a helicopter yet though , not sure of what I press to learn forward o.O So until then I guess we shall never know. I am thinking of going to pick up a USB port for my PS2 controller. Does that sound like a good idea? I kind of like using mouse and keyboard to be truthful. Oh, and if you could post what I press to lean forward in copter maybe I will deathmatch you sometime!! Or stunt with you, or hold and rp mission! Thanks!


P.S. Keep up the hard work. Oh and where do I change my ig resolution? I tried in options yet it wouldn't let me, do I need to start that via Single PLayer and then change?

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Oh okay, so I can do this from the MTA version, but before I enter game? Or in single player, sorry for sounding noobish. Also anyone interested in playing tonight contact me via ICQ, MSN or something. I mgith be int he mood for some mission rpg too.

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oh come on bump be a little bit nice ;)

Seth, for resolution, yes you must go to options (before you start playing!)

I have to click the resolution option and use my mousewheel to change the option.

As for the MTA question, rtfm!

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