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B.L.A.S.T.A's Xmas Special, Gift-Giving Bonanza


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ok boys and girls.... Since its boxing day

MrBill: Known as the recovery day for most of us

Mrbill and Myself have decided to give a few much-needed xmas pressies to the good (and sometimes bad) people of the MTA community

And before i start, yes i did steal the whole idea off little gamers.... so what =P - imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

anyway, onto the many gifts i have in my uh.. sack.

Lets see... ah - the first gift is a Gang Leader status for KungFuGrip, I gave it to him last week, but I guess he deserved it

MrBill: We are also remembering our good friends at GTAt, so for our best buddy dracoblue we give a portable tape recorder

So he can play back all the wonderful things he promises us with the next version of GTAt

We have a brain for TermNL, all B.L.A.S.T will know why we are giving termnl this, we know the cheerleader we stole it from isnt going to miss it

MrBill: But we really wanted to send him a dead cat through the post, The SPCA wernt too impressed when we asked for one

MrBill: We also have a heart for MrBump, so he may care a little before he decides to kickban everything in sight

Now if termnl gets a brain, and mrbump gets a heart.... I guess that means we have to give the courage to our blasta buddy xenex

* Joins: xerox (xerox@p**-n***.akl.****.co.**)

* xenex hides

nuff said really

bill's goat ate the slippers before we got here, so sorry about that folks

MrBill: HEY! - i said i was sorry

MrBill: Anyway, Back to business, the smiling man Blokker gets a can of whipped cream and a pack of nitrous oxide canisters

We don't really care what happens with the whipped cream, we just hope that the nitrous will actually make blokker smile, or god-forbid even 'laugh'

MrBill:For 'me'... yeah - the guy on the forums named 'me' we have a straightjacket

Actually we have 3 of them, one for uh... 'him' and his other personality(ies?)

Next of all we give everyone's favourite MTA player DeathB the fingers

,.|.. (^_^)..|., <-- see, he is smiling =P

MrBill: but in the nicest way possible overcourse. Deathb also gets a "Basic guide to nettiquite" book.

And finally, the god of MTA himself IJS gets a secret advance copy of GTAt 0.5 - He's been waiting for this longer than anyone, and will probably be spending the next week hacking it for ideas

And there you have it.... if we have offended you, too bad... and Merry Xmas MTA, and a happy new year

MrBill: From Xerox, myself and the B.L.A.S.T.A Crew =P

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lol - im guessing the wd40 is for my bed (see mac hall)

yeah - i didnt really know what to get for you, I thought I might let you have your name back... but youve already done it so uh..... hi =P

keva gets to see the girlies he puts up as his avatars and sigs IRL =)

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