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Totally Confused, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey im new to mta, i was all chuffed wen i finally got it working this afternoon, well thats wot i thot but wen i started playing it i relised there was knowone else on any of the islands, but there was ppl in the f9 chat, i asked a member to meet up with me at the v mansion he was there but i couldn't see him nor could he see me, so basically im in my own game, does anyone know whats wrong? why cant people see me? why cant i see people?, if you know whats wrong i would be greatful if you could help me fix it.

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Ok do you have a firewall?.

Ok if yes ,if you already opend the needed ports try turning it off and see iff it works.foward the needed ports on your router( if you have one)

i'm using ASE at the moment, thats the 1 its not working on :(

Waht do you mean by this ?

And likee eAi said try different servers ,maybe one closer to you with a low ping.

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i ave no router but i tried switching my firewall of and it still never worked, i just think god doesn't want me to play mta :(

can you reccomend any servers i live in scotland uk.

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