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Problem with MTA Loading


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I just got vc and cant play MTA cause evertime i press to load the game it loads cept if i click to skip the intro it say error. I tried puttin in the 1.1 patch but it wont patch it cause it says unknown version. Could i please have some help by the way setting the version number on the side but wont work.

Plus I have a fresh new australian version. I saw the au patch in the downloads section but it links to the MTA US version download.

Could someone please help? Thanks in advance

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Do not start the game from >Start>all Programs>rockstar games ...

Press the Start Game botton on the MTA client .

Then some gtx will change and the "load botton" will desapear.

And the only botton on the Start game Menu will be "Start MultiTheft Auto"

Thats the one you need to press

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