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Will these glitches be fixed in upcomming versions of MTA?

Guest kemicalx

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1. Other players movment: players doesn't walk, look to be floating around.

2. Other players Vehicle movement: currently looks like other players have brakes locked up as they drive.

3. Physics: items often don't end up in the same place on everybodys screen eg. When someone is thrown from there bike, the bike appears in 2 diferent locations. Then when you run over to get on it it disappears and you find another player 200 meters away from you riding off on it.

4. Doing a burnout in your car can't be seen by other players on their screens.

they were a few of the problems me and my mates found while playing MTA at our lan the other day. Just curious if these will be remedied in later releases of mta?

Thanks for your time.

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