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Can i be Moderator for Hebrew Section?

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Whilst I'm sure you would do a great job as of right now there is simply no need for a moderator. This section is hardly active with only 4 topics including this one. If it ever starts to get popular, we'll keep an eye out and let you know.

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thanks you for trusting me and i will bring my friends and others to be active here frequently they playing mtasa and they addicted to play mtasa...

but this section needs a moderator like me to get some peoples.

this section is inactive because it didn't had a moderator to runs it.

i hope when you join again you will make me a moderator to this section.


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I am very excited about Yiddish, because I picked up many words. Putz? That's hebrew right? Ima shelha? Cos ima shelha! Hine ani ba. The Zohan!

Yes, with my infinite Yiddish wishdom I would love to contribute to this board as well but only if the moderator is super good.

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