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custom weapon stat upgrade.


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1. why are't properties open? (In setWeaponProperty, "spread","firing_speed","life_span" etc...)

I think they want to be open.

2. flags stats problem.

I hope it becomes safety like it.

setWeaponProperty ( int weaponID/string weaponName, string weaponSkill, string property, int/float theValue , bool flagenable);

ex. setWeaponProperty ("m4", "poor", "flags", 0x000010, true or false);

ex2. local booleanvalue = getWeaponProperty ("m4", "poor", "flags", 0x000010); (booleanvalue can have true or false).

3. adding new weapon skill or giving weapon stat to specific ped.

If it is possible, we can make new systems about weapon (ex. better weapon skill promoting)

And even, we can mimic custom weapon.

(replacing old weapon model with invisiable object --- replacing any model with new weapon design object --- attaching replaced model to ped's hand --- considering the new weapon, you set weapon stat with specific ped)


setWeaponProperty (ped ped , string weaponSkill, string property, int/float theValue, bool flagenable)

(sorry for my bad english.)

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For 2nd, maybe you can do something like this:-

local weapon, weaponSkill, Property, theValue = getWeaponProperty(31, "poor", "weapon_range") 
setWeaponProperty(weapon, weaponSkill, Property, theValue) --boolen value false 
setWeaponProperty( 31, "poor", "weapon_range", 75 ) --boolen value true 

Not sure if it will work not, but i think it would be nice if its have boolen value thing.

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