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Vice city stunt video Crash & Burn


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this was my first video I made, I was inspired by some of the other stunting videos I found, so I went out and tried to do original things, but it was hard to do original things because once I thought I did and I taped it and then watched some more videos I would see that those people already did it, so I tried my best here it is, I hope you like it. Please rate it.

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Well... srry to say it wasnt very original and the stunts were all very small. Nothing extreme there. So for stunts i give 4/10

Editing also lacked good transitions and effects. Would have been nice to have a bit of synching. Oh and the cinematic camera view sucked, it was very hard to see most of your stunts. So editing gets a 3/10

Music well.... It was pretty good until i started hearing sh*t f*** damn shit f*** f*** f*** sh*t. So for it you get a 6/10

But seeing this is your first vid, its not too bad. So overall i give it a 6/10

Just take this one as a learning experience and surprise us all with a new kickass vid.

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For the stunts I would give it a 5/10. the first 3 tricks were original, But the most tricks aren't very extreme.

For the editing in would give it a 5/10

But it is your first video and it is hard to do original tricks. so overall i would give it a 6.5/10

And check my video ( no comment )

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