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Need help for... Next step after intro..


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Hi im a proud to be a thing from MTASA community ;)

im new in scripting LUA and need help :/

I have a Intro, Login and a Team choser script... now i will loard

First that intro,

after the intro will show the loginscript and

after sucsfull Login i will show the Team choser...

My Question is...

What must is script that not load all to the same time...? :/

i hope u understand me =)

i dont know what i must search in the MTA wiki...

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You can use setTimer to delay things, but you may need something else for this, especially for the login thing:

To show something after the succesful login just run a function that opens the team panel.

-- your script... 
if login == "succesful" then 
function openTeams() 
   -- your team chooser 

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