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Would you like to see Boats in MTA?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see Boats in MTA?

    • Yes, that would be great.
    • Either way, I really don't care.

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WE NEED BOATS IN MTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hav a fairly large gang called VERCETTI EMPIRE i hav 55 members as of now but i asked mi gang sum questions about what they wanted in mta and by far its boats!!!!!!!!!i want a naval division :lol: so....WHEN THA HELL R U GUYS GONNA PUT IN BOATS :shock: ???????

EDITED: If you are going to do a poll atleast make it sound like you are finished high school.

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Translation :


Please include boats in the next release of MTA .

I have a large gang called Vecetti Empire . There is 55 members on this gang , I've asked the people in the gang what they wanted most in MTA .

And they all said they wanted boats .

Can the next release Include them ?


Is that Better? :wink: .

My opnium is that they should include boats . As far as i know it is the same as a car . But if im wrong . The MTA team should work a little harder (they aready work hard enough) to include boats . Because it would really be fun to play with people on boats and have a "Boat-Derby" :D

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it isnt nessesary to have boats... and mta is buggy enough without boats..

i dont want to start a debate here, but many things arent "necessary", maybe you should rephrase that.

they are however low priority. at one time they said they had successfully tested a boat ingame, i dont know how buggy it was, but i think its safe to say they will apear in A version.

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erm, how would it lag more? all that needs to be transferred from the client is the boat position, rotation, damage and what actor is controlling it, this isnt anymore data than the rest of the vehicles have. i dont imagine that the actual code to make the boats run as "smooth" as the cars would need to be sent, it would be coded into the client.

difficulty in shooting people in the boat isnt the MTA team's concern, thats more on a per-person skill level basis.

no, personally im all for it, its more fun to travel by land, air AND sea, than just by land and air, put all the water to good use.

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ok nashville isnt country dude ok so if ur gonna post stuff about that thats ur deal ok but dont bash me because i dont type politicly correct damn

What? Didn't I say use english?

EDITED: If you are going to do a poll atleast make it sound like you are finished high school.

Shouldn't that be, "make it sound like you have finished high school."? :D:P:lol:

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Ive been thinking and decited to chnage my opnium . Since i know it will be almost impossible to have boats. As you know cars blow up when it comes in contact with water . So will boats ... Only if they create a new handling file for the boats . But that sounds TOO complicated . Lets just wait for the next gta with will hopefully come with a multiplayer option :roll: . Im praying for it ! :lol:

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