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Our 1st video (Made by B~Ware Crew) "No Comment"


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Yes nice vid, the intro was my favorite part lol. Good stunts tho I have to ask was any of it modded? You flew higher and further than I have ever been able to on those jumps. But it was a good vid, you definatly should have cut down the time by taking out the not so good stunts. So overall its a 8/10.

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:drunken: ahhh I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I release a vid and then I see new vids with stunt lines I found, It makes me feel....well warm and fuzzy. :P

I loved the vid it has some great stunts and some great "never gonna happen again stunts" like ramping of the front of the bus and rotating over the traffic signal bar. :thumbright: Nice touch with the phantom rider taking the bike to him, very cool. 8)

Its a great 1st vid but I do have to agree with the others its to long, I should talk, mine are over 5mins and I think there to long. :lol:

I hope to see more of you guys, good work.

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Glad u guys like it. :D:D:D Some stunts (like ramping of the front of the bus and rotating over the traffic signal bar) are a bit lucky. The stunts were not modded at all. Some stunts we really want in the vid, are tryed a lot of times to reach them. I really appreciate u liked the intro (like it 2) :D

Did u guys liked the music and the end of the story :?:

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ur vid iz cool but abit long

i giv it 10/10 but u ave a compotion with grim cos his doin his flips with out falling :oops: ill help u but im not a part of ur group cos i got all the editing packages 4 pro's like my self


2live 2die 2play vice

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LOL, thx :D

I can tell you that only ONE stunt in the movie isn't landed.

so can u do me a favor make another video cos that 1 woz very cool abit long 4 me and get a better editing package cos movie maker iz shit but easy just some stuff i wanted 2 say u dont ave 2 if u want 2 doh :P and you should check out my video u might even like it lol :P

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it is a very good movie :D. the stunts where amazingly good :shock: .

i would give the stunts a 9.7/10

but overall i would give it a 10/10!!!!

good work guys

I hope to see more of you 8)

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