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Map Loading Problem



the Problem:

Open -> map name -> "Are you sure...unsaved date would be lost" -> Yes -> Nothing happens

The 'open map' pop-up screen stays there, allowing me to choose a map, but when I do, nothing happens, like if I didn't press open at all.

New -> "Are you sure..." -> Yes -> "You cannot open a new map while other map is being saved or loaded" [Even if I've just started using the Editor]

the Side effects:

On MTA:SA welcome screen, where there would be Quick launch, Server Browser, etc. on the left and The Latest News on the right - there's nothing under The Latest News. I know that yesterday, there were 3 news, but now, nothing.

the only Cause I can think of:

Too many peds? I've added some 25 Peds in SF cathedral - downtown area. On Hospital's terraces (near the cathedral) there are 10-15 of them. After my attempt to test the race and see if peds are placed in right positions, I got black screen, while I've been 'testing' it - I couldn't see or hear anything. Upon restarting the Editor, problems mentioned before happened. I've tried re-installing the game, but with no avail.


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Check the map name,be sure the map doesn't have a space between the name example :

test 12 it should be connected like - test_12 or so.Also if that doesn't work delete the next:

C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.3\server\mods\deathmatch\resources

There you gonna see a folder named "editor_dump" delete it.

I hope I helped,Pozdrav! :)

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