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I cant tell who is on my team, help

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When playing MTA, I can not tell who is on any certain team. For example I see Cops that look like Mexicans or Robbers, and Racers that look like Sailors and so on. Also some ppl in game have told me to go by the colors of the blips on the radar screen, however the only colors dislplayed are yellow and maroon. I have looked at these forums for a while and havent seen anyone w/ this problem. Please help.

I am running VC 1.1 on a Athlon 1800 w/ geforce 4 128

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It simply the skin ID not being sent to you for everyone when you first join, as soon as a player dies and respawns the skin and radar colour will be correct. A rule of thumb is if the radar dot is yellow the information has not yet been sent to you. VCC are yellow so this isnt always the case but if the yellow dot is vcc skin when you reach him it is correct :)

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