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B.L.A.S.T V2 (Open to all, not just BLASTA members)


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A: I don;'t think so, I think their afraid of us

and Im not A FREAKING RAGING MORON!! ... well maybe a tad, but hey im im not, who will be?

Q: I think we shjould do a forum wide spam to tell people about this thread if tehy dont know :) (meaning all the blasta members naturaly :) )

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A. All those sites are old =) - But if the iraqi information minister was free to do a talkback radio slot... id listen to that =)

Q. Who would listen/watch something involving the iraqi' information minister?

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I think the blast thread (originally called ASE) was started up by Spawn of the Modstack forums (modstack now have their own forums independant from shockrealm btw) as a place for people to randomly spam (bill, bengriff and myself =)

Q. Have any interesting modern internet history to share?

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A: back in the days of 56k, when everyone had It, i played ym first online game it was great, rainbow six, yet we wwarpeds, we lagged, and crashing qwas constent (this is the 95-98 era by the way) times were good back then, no one complained becau there was no way to fix it, alas now the highspeeders bitch about any type of lag where the 56k's kick their ass's because the highspeeds arn't used to it, where, rainbow six isn't considered "good graphics", yes they were the good days of gaming for online, great time that we only read about on fary tales, yes I miss them I dont know about you, but I wouldn't mind having em back.

Q: WHOA! did I need to let that out or WHAT! I think thats the biggest response EVER on a blast thread, how about you? do you think its big and meaning full?

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