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B.L.A.S.T V2 (Open to all, not just BLASTA members)


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A. VC - no competition =)

Manix - no warez =P... and any requests for VC warez or something shall be met with a swift kick to the banlist =)

Q. Was it wrong to assemble the biggest spammers of mta into one super-spam group? =)

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A. Soulseek (dont think ill give the url, or ill be setting an advertising double standard *cough*slsk.org*cough*

Look at how much of the forum the BLASTA gang own... its impressive =)

Just to let blasta members know... I will not be laying off on their spamming cause they are part of the gang... all forum members will be treated equal =) (but blasta members, moderators and developers are MORE equal than others - Orsen Wells... kind-of. j/k=)

Q. Someone find out how many *stars i have used when I close threads =)

Even better, work out the average amount of stars i use when i do it =)

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Mr. Bill

A: I'm saying enimem, cause people actually liked elvis

Well they took my mod, but I still got "dangerous gamer" as a tag so im happy

G: what do you think will be after that?

there r alot of people who like eminem, i like his music and do almost every girl in grade

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