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B.L.A.S.T V2 (Open to all, not just BLASTA members)


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A. Is sin city going to be gta4?? - oh well.... I have a feeling that gta4 will be online, if not hurray for mta =P

Q. Who is really glad they bought vc for pc,(this is for those who have it on ps2 =)

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A. If you started lets say NOW... you would have to post roughly..... 22.9 times a day. Those would have to be constructive posts however, no spamming allowed :twisted::twisted::P

Q. Who here has had 20+ posts per day on either the (now dead) shockrealm, or mta forums? (easy ;-)

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A. i talked about it in the blasta thread

the avatar is nice btw

location is pure stalker material though ;-P

The answer to my question was xerox (how sad =P )

Q. Who had the most posts on the (now dead) shockrealm forums?

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A: who came up with that stupid rumor???there wont be a gta sin city

it'll be san andreas ive already explained this the ceo of rockstar had reserved gtasanandres.com or whatever and its been proven

Q: how cool was the matrix reloaded?

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A. Im hoping it will at least do as well as the second - dont know if anything could beat the first *xerox sacrifces half of g-unit (i just thought of a random gang guys - respect =) to apease the reel gods* ;-P

Q. Who has seen the animatrix series?

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A: their real good

HA! I saw em (the animatrix, 4 ) I like the second rennossensce, and how they screwed us over

I saw the preview for the next matyrix hahahahaha :) and I dl the final flight of the osiris :)

man the forums are still fucked right now, I mean my posts are TOTALY out of order

Q: will this be fixed soon?

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