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Progress update (20/12/2003 @ 20:39 CET) by MTA Team


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As you can see, the counter has moved again, and progress is going fast at the moment. We have been working on the passenger code and as you can see, it seems to work :P

Further more we can expect most if not all features from MTA:VC 0.2.2 in GTA3:MTA .

As always : we do not have a release date, it will be done when it is done, and the fact that we have moved the counter a lot in the past days does not mean that anyone can predict a release date.

Below you can find some more screenshots taken during the latest tests.






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Client is based off of 0.2.2, so it looks almost completely the same (if not entirely).

As for the players, of course we cannot guarantee anything until release as it may go up or down depending on what we encounter along the way. But, for now we are aiming for 32 ... so keep your fingers crossed for atleast that.

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But i see papers from elvis (gtavc) on the first picture... :?:

I hoop the team will not replace files from gta3. :(

As Black_Dragon said, those papers are in GTA3 as well.

We have kept the game as true to the original as we could ... and it is real real close, believe me.

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