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Hello, My name is JayR

I was wondering if anyone could make me a signature???

Or like a .gif

That says

Multi Theft Auto British Admin

Or Another one

Multi Theft Auto" British Administrator


Something cool, if you can please leave something here, and the thing to add it in a signature, and thanks!

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My first creation is called "British Chap"


[img]http://s14.postimage.org/qy7r6qa5t/jay_E.jpg[/img ] 

I like to think of this artwork as a portrayal of the old values and Johnny English really carries out that role indeed. A signature connoisseur would recognize that this piece was made during a particularly boring web development class.

The second creation ("GSTQ") is a commentary on the old beliefs and are put into contrast by neologistic contractions in one hand, and sexuality in the other, as a way of expressing the decaying of the taboo on that matter.


[img]http://s9.postimage.org/6yv9wl0gv/Jay_R_britmin.jpg[/img ] 

Name attribution will not be necessary, but I do expect you to make lots of contributions to this community. If the signature is used on a different website, a link to these boards would be most welcome.

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Wow those look, really amazing.. And soon I will be using it on another website, and I will be happy for it to direct here....

I got one thing.. Is there away to making them move...? On the signature thing, that's what I have always wanted to do!

But could you not have JayR? Maybe something different, I won't be using JayR on the forums.....

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